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Snooze, New Baby Gift Box

Snooze, New Baby Gift Box

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Apparently, babies are lighter sleepers than adults so they wake more easily. Hopefully, the new parents have mastered the art of the tIp-toe walk and sorted out any creaky floorboards, oh, and squeaky doors! I hate those! 

A gift fit for a dreamy Prince/Princess. Arrives beautifully packaged and ready to grace the doorstep of the new doting parents.

Our large letter gift box does exactly what it says on the tin. It will fit through a normal-sized letter box. Guaranteeing the newly flustered parents won't have to lift a finger to answer the door. 

Your box will contain one newborn babygrow (size newborn up to 3 months)

Printed in-house, by my Dad, with our fabulous snooze design, in dark grey and glittery silver detailing.

We very carefully fold your babygrow and tuck it away nicely into one of our branded Stork Mail crested bags, we finish off with a pretty little gift tag of your choosing, then voila!

Stork Mail scrolls come printed with a message of your choice. You can be as creative as you like, or be cheeky and copy one of ours. We don't mind. Just remember not to include any emojis, our computer doesn't like them. It's a big baby and spits them out at us!

We have our small product video, at the end of the images. Be sure not to miss it, it shows off our lovely packaging.

We are a family business, creating thoughtful and meaningful gift experiences, that celebrate this special and wonderful time in people's lives.

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